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Objectives and functions

The purpose of this unit is to facilitate the strategic planning in academic affairs supporting planning, conceptualisation and development of academic programmes to ensure that the programmes.qualifications that are offered at Nelson Mandela University are:

  • aligned to Vision 2020 and the University's strategic plan;
  • consistent with the University's academic size and shape parameters;
  • developed to maintain the balance of diploma and degree type offerings.

At insitutional level, Academic Planning will work with academic staff at all levels but mainly with academic programme coordinators.

External to the University, Academic Planning will work with and liaise with the following:

  • The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)
  • The Council on Higher Education (CHE) and Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC)
  • South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

Academic Planning aims to provide evident-based strategies to inform decision-making processes.

Key Strategic & Operational Areas

  • Providing advice and guidance on the programme/qualification development to academic departments and faculties
  • Facilitation of the process of programme development, approval, accreditation and registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training, Higher Education Quality Committee and South African Qualifications Authority respectively
  • Ensuring that all the administrative academic planning requirements of the University are complied with
  • Facilitation of the Nelson Mandela University involvement in regional Academic planning processes
  • Maintenance of a database of programmes/qualifications
  • Ensuring that the Programme Qualification Mix (PQM) data is correctly reflective of offerings
  • Analysis of Higher Education and Training policies relevant to academic planning and informing the University community accordingly.
Contact information
Ms Xabisa Faku
Academic Planning & Quality Advancement Coordinator
Tel: 041 504 2384